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Meeting Management with Whoozin?

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Courtesy: Jim Larrisonlicense

Pronounced “Who’s in?” the online web application “Whoozin?” is a great way to manage your association committee members, as well as event and campaign volunteers. Whoozin? let’s you send and manage meeting invites and RSVPs.

Managing volunteers or committee members can be difficult in the Association management world. I know that it has long been an issue for me and my association. Being the staff liaison for five committees that meet multiple times throughout the year can be hectic…enter Whoozin?

I discovered this little gem with a Google search. Let me just quickly highlight what I love about it, and why I think anyone—especially association professionals—will like it.


  • It’s FREE! Like all good services, there are paid options, but the essentials are free.
  • I can manage multiple teams. In my account, I have separate profiles for all of my committees.
  • I can collect attendance RSVPs and be updated as “In,” “Out,” “Maybe” or “No Reply.”
  • My invites can leave me messages to review and answer.
  • Invitees can receive email invitations, RSVP reminders and event attendance reminders.
  • From the RSVP page, invitees can also download an auto-generated ICS calendar meeting.
  • In addition to meeting details, date, time and location, I can also upload attachments like meeting agendas or event guides to the meeting.
  • Member vs. Non-member feature. You can designate invitees as member (always receives an invite when an event is created) or non-member (must be invited to the specific event). This is especially handy on the government affairs committee where occasionally I need to invite my association’s board of directors to committee events, but not committee meetings.
  • I can message specific attendees individually, or based on their RSVP type (listed in bullet point 3).
  • You can also cap meeting attendance at a certain number based on your room size. For instance, one of my committees has over 75 members, but our conference room only holds 50 people. Stopping the registration at an appropriate number prevents us from taking the meeting over capacity.
  • Find a meeting time – For those familiar with applications like Doodle Polls, Whoozin? allows you to poll your invitees for the best time to meet if necessary.

These are just some of the great features of this application that in my four days of use has already started to make my life a little easier. Go check out Whoozin?, and I am sure you will find that it makes putting together your volunteer meetings a lot easier and boosts your level of organization and simplicity.