No Sign-In Online Doc Collaboration

Funny RealizationSo some of you may already know this, but for others, this may be a drop the mic and walk off stage moment. I am personally ashamed that I was not aware of this old news. Here it is:

With Microsoft Office Online and OneDrive you can share documents with other that they can then edit online, with no sign-in required. Follow the link below for full details.

Sadly, I am disappointed that I was not aware of this “old news.” For Pete’s sake, this was when OneDrive was called SkyDrive! Who remembers that?

This will make your online collaboration easier. No longer do other members of your team or volunteers have to have a Google or Dropbox account to add their input to your online document. With a secure link, your team members can collaborate on and editable online document. #MINDBLOWN

share a doc



  1. Create an office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and save it to OneDrive.
  2. Right click on the document file to bring up the sharing options and click “Share a OneDrive Link.” By default the link is editable.
  3. Share that link with your team.

Everyone should now be able to edit the document regardless of whether they sign in to an office account. Of course, you could encourage everyone to make an office account. This makes tracking changes much easier when you know who made the change. Do this for your word documents, excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint documents to collaborate on your reports, analytics and presentations!

The ability to collaborate in this way is no good unless you have a plan. How might you plan to use this feature at your own workplace?

By the way, I love free software and features that make online collaboration with your teams easier. Please share in the comments what you are using to collaborate with your teams.

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