Forget the Coffee Shop…Unless You Want Coffee


Need free internet access, and want to avoid noisy yuppy environments? How about a private area outside of your home and office to access the internet?

Apart from a great selection of books, movies and magazines, there is a good chance that your public library also has free Wifi access for library card holders. Take it a step further, and they may even have private rooms that can be reserved.

I found myself in need of just such a place a couple of months ago, when my ISP, who will remain unnamed, couldn’t give me a straight answer on how long my Internet would be down. I was getting ready to head to a venue with over priced coffee when the thought struck me that there are a lot of great resources at my local library. Free wifi is one of those resources. As an added bonus, I found out when I arrived that I can reserve a study room in 4-hour blocks. This was a perfect solution, and I now consider it my third office.

So the next time you need a remote office with wifi, consider your nearest public library!

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